The dreams of Frida Kahlo



The artpiece that allows you to enter 
the Mexican painter’s private world




An artwork that showcases the overwhelming personality and undisputed talent of one of the 20th-century’s greatest figures, a cultural symbol and universal icon, through her drawings.




Frida Kahlo

The dreams of Frida Kahlo




The Dreams of Frida Kahlo is a limited edition of 2,998 copies that unveils the artist's secrets, passions, fears and fantasies.


It features unseen drawings that include self-portraits, pictures of friends and lovers, fantasies, dreamlike scenes, landscapes and still lifes.






A work of art handcrafted with ARTIKA’s trademark quality.


A jewel that will look great in any corner of your home.







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The Dreams of Frida Kahlo features the following pieces:

the dreams of frida kahlo FACSIMILE





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ARTIKA is a publishing house that specializes in artist's books. Limited editions created in conjunction with great international artists and produced using painstaking artisan processes that make every copy a unique, unrepeatable piece.